- Famiglie Nobile Italiana -
Attested by Archivio Storico Araldico Firenze - Torino - Italy

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The Coat of Arms of the family FLUMIGNANO, that it suppose granted in the patriarchal era of the history friulana, due to the elements that compose it, especially the eagle in flight position, in bottom of gold, found in the book “FAMIGLIE NOBILE ITALIANE”, of AMMIRATO SCANDONE, probable edition of 1615, induces that the family had been feudataria of the territorial area that he maintains his name from or previous to the patriarchal period, with the duty of defense of the territory in the eventual enemy invasions. The star of gold of six rays, in blue bottom, composing it “stemma”, the perfect integration of an equivalent number of families that they composed the patriarchal feud acts possibly. The helmet, as external element of the group of Coat of Arms, symbolizes the hierarchy, the nobility degree and their possessors' dignity. The Coat of Arms of Weapon like this composed it is attested by ARCHIVIO STORICO ARALDICO FIRENZE, of TURIM.
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Conde LUIGI GUELFI CAMAJANI, director of the ItalianGenealogical Institute (ex "Ufficio Araldico Italiano") founded in 1877, located in Firenze - Italy, beside IZIDORO FLUMIGNAN - picture of 1993, when it traveled to Europe to researches historical in Família Flumignano's and to contact family.

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