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Jupiter was supreme God of the Roman pantheon and their attributes were the ray and the eagle. God of the light and of the sky, protecting of the state and of their laws. The Romans adored him like Jupiter Optimus Maximus, that meant all-good and almighty. Jupiter was the protector of the old league of the Latin cities. In the religion of old Rome there was a type of agreement between the men and God, mediated by rituals, that correctly executed must be assisted the supplication. If there were any fails would turn the ritual without success. Therefore the Roman religion demanded many specialists that joined at priestly schools where they looked after the rituals. Among them they were Salios who were Priests of Mars, God of the war and Lupércios who were Priests of Faun, God of the flocks. Flaminius were the Priests of Jupiter (flamen Dialis), that they didn't gather at schools and they occupied the first position of the Temple of Jupiter, the most important shrine of Rome, the center of the political life, where the official facts were accomplished the war declarations and peace agreements as well.
Font: S.I. KOVALIOV, History of Rome, I Tomo I, p. 211, Future Editorial S.R.L., Buenos Aires, 1959. Translate from the Italian author MARCELO RAVONI. --- Summary of IZIDORO DE HIROKI FLUMIGNAN - Special tanks to DEA BRUM DA SOLEDADE LIMA - translation to english -

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